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Follow Your Heart

This weekend, I participated in my first ever Game Jam! Brackeys were hosting their second game jam on itch.io and I decided to join in. This years theme was "Love is Blind". After brainstorming a couple of ideas, I came up with "Follow Your Heart".

Follow You Heart is a VR Co-op Puzzle game for the HTC Vive. One user is in the VR World. It is a pitch black void with the only hint of light being a glowing heart in the distance. However, you are stuck in an invisible maze! The other user is on the PC with an overview of the maze and your location. The PC user must guide the VR user to the heart. If the VR user touches the walls, they'll be moved back to the beginning! The VR user uses the trigger to move forward in the direction they are facing.

Here is a link to the itch.io page for the game as well as the Brackeys Game Jam Page:

Follow Your Heart: https://gpsgamesdev.itch.io/follow-your-heart

Brackeys Game Jam: https://itch.io/jam/brackeys-2

This project was made roughly within 24 hours. This was a challenging experience but one I really enjoyed. Having to speed up brainstorming and problem solving was a great learning curve for me. I cannot wait to try out more Game Jams in the future!

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