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Gerald's Adventures Overview

Updated: Feb 28, 2018

Even though I've stated in a previous blog that I am not done with developing Gerald's Adventures and wish to continue improving it, I thought this is a good stage to talk about the journey of the game's development so far.

Gerald's Adventures was part of a project I had to create for a university module AINT254 Interactive Systems Workshop. At the start of this module, we had practicals to learn more about the capabilities of Unity. A month in, we were given details of our main coursework, to produce a game with a unique mechanic. However, for inspiration/an added challenge, students were given a Kinder Egg and the toy that came inside it, was to be the starting block for the design process. My toy was a purple spider. After some deliberation, I decided that the spider could be a fun main character. This eventually evolved into Gerald. Of course, I still had to decide what genre of game would be best suited as well as what would be challenging to produce. I felt that a 3D Platformer was the most interesting option, with the unique mechanic being that Gerald would need to spawn a web between planets to traverse around the world.

After the design process, I started the development of Gerald's Adventures which is where these dev blogs show the progression I made throughout the weeks. These blogs showcased improvements I made on the game which include web design, transitioning between planet and web, character movement and much more.

I attained a 2.1 for the game, and for my design process and project management. I can't wait to

improve Gerald's Adventures further. Here is also a quick walkthrough of the first level of Gerald's Adventures:

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