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To The Past & The Future

I have finally completed Semester 1 and now in the starting weeks of Semester 2 and new modules:

- AINT255 Artificial Intelligence for Game Development

- SOFT254 Mobile Device Programming

- PRCO203 Live Integrating Project

PRCO203 is the one module I'm currently most excited about as the main coursework is to produce the game Ticket Rush for our client HelmSquared. I am working in a group of three using Agile Methodology.

With SOFT254, I will finally be developing for iOS using Xcode. I am very much anticipating what this course has to offer as I've always wanted to venture into the world of Mobile Apps.

AINT255 will be very useful for my future projects as I haven't touched AI greatly in my previous works. This module could advance my skills to develop more advance games

As for Semester 1 and Gerald's Adventures, I still want to develop and update the game! Gerald has been to much fun to work on to drop it, especially at an unfinished state! My current goal is to have it working on more PCs as I foolishly focused on it solely working on the PCs at university. This means only 1 resolution scale currently works.

I can't wait for what Semester 2 beholds and for what Gerald can become!

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