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Vinyl Cycle and Golf Smash VR Update

Here are a couple of updates of what I've been doing the past couple of weeks

Vinyl Cycle

Last weekend, I participated in the Extra Credits Game Jam which lasted 100 hours. The theme was "Cycles". Coming into this, I always wanted to make a rhythm game so I decided to create Vinyl Cycle. A rhythm endless runner game where users must hit the correct note as the record is spinning, the catch is that the record gets faster as time goes on. The biggest challenge was having the notes align with the beat of the music due to its fixed position. If I had another chance, I would try instantiate the note blocks in time with the music. Here is a demo video of Vinyl Cycle:

Golf Smash VR

This past month I've very much been struggling with the physics/collision between the ball and the club. During this time I tried numerous methods, relying on Unity's physics, OnCollisionEnter method, using raycasts to detect collision etc. However, this past week I finally found a solution. I am now using the OnTriggerEnter method which triggers the ball to follow the raycast of the direction the club is facing. I also use the Vector3 Dot method to determine which face of the club hits the ball to change the raycast direction. Here is a demo video of a comparison between the physics systems:

These next coming weeks I can now start focusing on the Scoring/Leaderboard system as well as giving the user more feedback for hitting the ball or target.

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