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VR Viewing System

For Golf Smash VR, one of the biggest features I wanted to implement was an effective and interactive viewing system for when someone is using the VR headset. From personal experience, when a group are playing a VR game, the group that aren't using the VR headset are either watching the user in real life or watching a distorted view of what they're seeing. There is also no input from the users on the PC end to control how they view the game.

I've recently implemented my own adaptation of a viewing system. Users can select different camera angles and view the current scores and overall leaderboard without having the VR user needing to look at it. The goal with this is to improve interactivity and not have a group of people waiting for their turn and be more engaged with the game.

Here is a video of the viewing system as well as other features or improvements such as multiplayer setup, customisation and graphical improvements.

Since the last post, I held a usability session with other students in the course. Thankfully, many people from different years turned up. They were able to give me feedback on the physics, features and were also able to find new bugs. One of the biggest suggestions was to notify the user of their swing quality. A lot of users were swinging very fast and weren't sure if they missed it or if the club passed through the ball too fast and created a bug. Now the user can see if they're too high or low on their golf swing.

This project is very much in the final stages and I'm so happy how it has turned out. I am currently finalising some features and adding some more feedback qualities such as sound. It has been a joy to create this! Next post will hopefully contain the trailer for Golf Smash VR!

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