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Web Design Changes

I have changed the web design from a rectangular bridge to a cylinder which can fully walked around on. This was the initial plan when I started the design process for Gerald's Adventures. This has however with great sadness caused a bug for the transition between the planet and web. It is not as bad as it was previously though so I am sticking with the cylinder design and hope to fix the bug.

I also participated in a Demo Or Die session in the University to have feedback about the game and see what improvements can be made. The points were:

  • The main bug of transition between planet and web

  • The web was sometimes to big and poked on the other side of the planet

  • Spider and Camera was too slow/Rotation controls need to be optimized

  • Need to add more to the story

  • Empower the player

  • Improvements to UI

  • Menus required

My aim is to implement all of these during the Christmas Holidays. As it is the Christmas Holidays, I am going to struggle to update the Dev Blog until I'm fully back on University schedule.


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