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Where Have I Been? Where Am I Going?

I have been pretty quiet on my site and my social medias, with my last post being roughly 7 months ago! I want to change this. This post will explain what I have been doing during that time.

I have started my final year at Plymouth University and have recently finished my first semester. I undertook 3 modules:

  • AINT354 Design for Entertainment Systems

  • AINT351 Machine Learning

  • SOFT352 Client-Side Web Scripting

AINT354 I was tasked to create a new game for an entertainment system of my choosing. It was also preferred to work in a group so I formed a team with my good friends Harrison Bennett and Ross Goold where I was the Project Lead, Harrison was the Technical Lead and Ross was the Design Lead. We decided to create a magic puzzle VR game for the HTC Vive as we believed it would be challenging but rewarding. My role as Project Lead meant I was handling our project plan and tasks using agile methodologies and to create documentation such as presentations, usability tests and development documentations. I would also help as much as I could with the technical and design side of the project. In the end, we created Spell Slinger VR. Here is a trailer and a link to the itch.io page: https://hms-bennett.itch.io/spell-slinger-vr

AINT351 the goal was to improve my understanding of algorithm development using maths and computation. This would be done by using a new software for me called Matlab. This would help analyse data to produce models, simulations and prototypes as well as using learning algorithms to predict future data. The coursework involved generating a 2D Kinematic 2-joint revolute arm that would trace a path through a maze. It would be recognised and trained through a 2 layer neural network.

SOFT352 I was able to improve my web development skills. I used HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create a 2D Chess game with the correct rules and regulations in place that could be played locally with another player.

During this time I also started the first stages of my dissertation. I am creating another VR game called Golf Smash VR where it is Driving Range with unique VR mechanics. I have created a project plan, Trello board and done research up to this point and about to start the development phase.

I have also started on my other second semester module, AINT355 Industry Engagement. The goal is to prepare myself for work outside of University, whether it's as an employee or a self employed developer.

I am hoping to be doing more posts like these in the future on a more regular basis. Thank you.

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